0xCB 1337

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This is a DIY-Kit. You need to be able to solder to assemble this kit.

If you don’t want to solder, you can choose the assembled variant. We will solder everything for you, you just need to put the switches into the hotswap sockets and put keycaps on it. Please note that orders with assembly options will not leave on the same day but may take a few days longer.

You will get everything you need except switches and keycaps. You can get DSA keycaps from us here.


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  • Included contents:

  • - 3D printed case (incl. screws and rubber feet)

  • - PCB

  • - rotary encoder

  • - OLED

  • - 16 Mill-Max Sockets

  • - ribbon cable

  • - Allen keys

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