40s Carrying Case

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Each carrying case has a gray nylon exterior, an EVA foam insert, two velcro straps, and a zipper pocket for accessories. The EVA is cut in increments of 9.525mm (1/2 key unit) from 10u x 3u all the way up to 14u x 6u.

The maximum foam dimensions are 267mm x 114mm and the maximum internal dimensions (if all foam, including border was removed) are approximately 300mm x 130mm.

The case also includes a microfiber cloth to protect your board from scratches.

Below is a compatibility chart including most 40% keyboards. If any information is missing or incorrect please send us an email so that we can fix it!

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  • Included contents:

  • - 1 case

  • - 1 microfiber cloth

  • - 1 RingerKeys sticker

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