Asymptote V2

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Asymptote is a Minivan-compatible Through-hole diode kit. It utilizes a XIAO RP2040 running QMK/Vial.

We recommend 3d printing the MFR as a case.

EU Vendor for KiserDesigns.

Build Guide and Firmware here.

  • Included contents:

  • - 1 x PCB

  • - 1 x Plate

  • - 45 x Through Hole Diodes

  • Features:

  • - QMK/Vial Firmware pre-flashed on controller

  • - Minivan case compatibility, including traymount.

  • - Up to six (6) switches on bottom row (hard limit)

  • - New V2 PCB includes support for 7u spacebar

PCB has the controller pre-soldered, and 50 diodes for you to solder.

Black FR4 plates support Tray, Coriander, Campsite, and Hull mount (removable tabs).

What you need:
- 42x MX switches
- Keycaps
- Stabs
- Minivan Case

When removing Hull or Campiander tabs on the FR4 plate, you must score the perforations with a sharp knife before snapping them off. Failure to score the perforations will result in the plate bending or breaking.

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