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Bully is a keyboard designed by phoenix and zhol. It combines low typing angle, a plateless build, and modest but dignified design sensibilities. Its 13.5u width layout is designed for maximum compatibility with base kits that are missing minimum 40% keyboard support (“3-key”). Bully has a 22.4mm EKH, 4.0 degree angle, and bezels measuring 8mm and 3mm.

  • Included in each kit:

  • - 1 PCB, equipped with an STM32F072-equivalent MCU loaded with QMK/VIAL

  • - 1 JST-SH, 50mm

  • - 1 C3 Unified Daughterboard

  • - 10x 50A durometer Geonworks Tadpoles

  • - 10x 70A durometer Geonworks Tadpoles

  • - Top case

  • - Bottom case

  • - 0 Plates

Current stock is anodized.

Extra PCBs are PCB only.



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