DDC Keycaps

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Lead Vendor: Lowprokb

The DDC profile was designed by Lowprokb to emulate the traditional cylindrical profiles, while being fully adapted for low profile choc V1 spacing and switches.

The key-wells are comfortable and the texture on the PBT plastic is pleasing to the touch. Anyone coming from a traditional cylindrical profile will find themselves right at home with DDC.

DDC is injection molded out of premium PBT plastic, so they are very resistant to the wear and "shining" caused by many hours of typing.

Note: DDC keycaps are "choc spaced" meaning they do not share the same outer dimensions of a typical Cherry MX keycap. The switch spacing should ideally be 17(h)x18(w) on your keyboard. Choc spaced keycaps will fit on a traditional MX spaced keyboard, but the gaps between the keycaps will not be uniform.



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