Invokeys Red Bean Switches

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  • Specifications:

  • - Linear

  • - Stem: Dustproof style, HDPE

  • - Top Housing: POM

  • - Bottom Housing: PBT

  • - 55g bottom out, 22mm double stage spring

  • - 4.0mm total travel

  • - 5 pin MX style latches

  • - Unlubed

  • - Manufactured by Aflion

What are the Invokeys Red Bean Switches?

Inspired by the dark red beans that provide a sweet and smooth textural component to numerous Asian desserts.

The Red Bean switches are the fourth installment of Invokey’s Artisanal series. These are their first 4.0mm full travel switch comprised of a fun, new material combination that leans toward a brighter and louder sound profile in their unlubed form. We highly recommend lubing them to achieve a deeper, marbly tone.

Authorized Regional Vendors:

EU - KeebSupply (You are here!)

US/CAN - Invokeys
AUS - KeebzNCables
SEA - ktechs
UK - SerpentKeys
KR - Pompokey


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