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Introducing the Koneko40! A gummy mount 40s board with a beautiful brass weight.

US Vendor: LordsBoards

  • Details:

  • - Gummy o-ring mount

  • - Brass weight, clear coated to prevent discoloration

  • - Stagger & Ortho solder PCB Options (1.6mm thickness)

  • - Skyloong hotswap knob support, two knobs can be used concurrently in top right/left

  • - FR-4, aluminum, or PC plates

  • - 6 degree typing angle + 19mm front height

  • - 70A hardness o-ring, 3M rubber feet

  • - Vial/QMK support w/ STM32L443 for many layers

  • - Weight engraving designed by xhumming

Quality Disclaimer: A Stock boards may have interior defects as a consequence of machining, and very very minute exterior flaws. Reasonable concerns of quality upon receipt of boards will be assessed to determine eligibility for replacement or refund.


Plate Material


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