LeChiffre 36 key PCB

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A version of the standard LeChiffre PCB with 3 thumb keys.

  • - A working 36 key layout PCB that matches the 3 thumb layout for Le Capybara (the thumb keys are 1-1-1.25 on the left hand and 1.25-1-1 on the right hand).

  • - White hotswap sockets pre-soldered in the 36 key layout for MX. Alps is solder only.

    • — Center switch/encoder position is solder only

    • — NB: the encoder position does not have the mounting tab cutouts, so you will have to either cut off or bend your EC11 encoder mounting tabs.

  • - RGB backlight LEDs

  • - 2 RGB indicators on the front (default firmware set to indicate layers on one, and mods on the other)

  • - Fits all Le Chiffre cases

  • Included Contents:

  • - 1 x PCB

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