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QAZpad is a QAZ-esque board with a 3x4 number pad. Measuring in at 13.25 units wide, this board has the most compact staggered layout to include a number pad, designed by Kiser Design.

The 3dp case is designed by Technofrikus from Moinboards and printed by us.

  • Kits include:

  • - RP2040-powered PCB

  • - fully assembled 3D-Printed Case by Moinboards

  • - 3 x 3D-Printed encoder knobs and covers

  • - FR4 plate

The PCBs come pre-flashed with Vial firmware (uf2).

The possible layouts are detailed in this KLE.
All 3 encoder spots on each board can be used at the same time, independently.




Add Rotary Encoder (+€2.60/unit)

€98.00 *

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