LeChiffre+ Kit

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US Vendor: JLW Keyboards

Extra Parts and PCBs: here

You know it. You love it. It's the classic Le Chiffre by tominabox1, housed (once again!) in a premium aluminum case! For round 2, we have both the traditional encoder with indicator light top, and a sleek, blank center!

This case is compatible with the original P3D case switch plates.

  • Each full kit order comes with:

  • - aluminium bottom case

  • - aluminium top case

  • - 4 engraved and laser cut cork feet

  • - 2 light pipes

  • - 4x M3 T10 screws

  • - 8x M2 T6 screws

  • - 1x T10 bit

  • - 1x fully assembled hotswap black STM32 PCB by sporkus

  • - 1x set of 3DP nylon switch plates

  • General Case Info:

  • - The No Rotary Cases also come without the LED cutouts.

  • - The case uses the same switch plate as the original P3D cases. Older 3DP Le Chiffre plates are compatible, but the plate from the original P3D acrylic cases will NOT fit.

  • - The case features a top mount style using M2 Torx headed machine screws to secure the plate to the top shell of the case.

  • - The top and bottom shells of the case are secured with M3 Torx headed machine screws.

  • - The case features a 5° typing angle.

  • - All cases will be anodized.

  • PCB Info:

  • - Pre-flashed with VIAL

  • - Hotswap

  • - Open Source

Rotary Encoder Cutout



Add LeChiffre+ STM32 PCB (+€38.00/unit)
Add LeChiffre+ case foam (+€14.00/unit)


ETA: Q2 2024
Closes on: 2nd of March

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